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TELL YOUR BOSS I’M WORTH IT: Talking Points for your E-Learning Budget Meeting

So you’re all done designing your E-Learning course, and it looks great. You’ve put hours and hours into the design, the content, the flow–only to get the distinct impression from the powers that be that there might not be a budget for professional narration. Management says the budget is tight, and anyway wouldn’t it be just as good–perhaps even more “authentic”–to use current employees for the VO and just get this employee training program rolling?

I get it. I’ve worked in large organizations (health insurance, higher education) where every expense has to be justified and categorized, and where overruns in one area mean cuts in another.

But you know, and I know, that if the finishing touch strikes a sour note, the learners won’t lean in, they’ll zone out. So…

How can you assert the value of a professional narrator for your E-Learning course?

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying: Cheap, Fast, Good: Pick Two.

If management is insisting on Cheap as a must, then which of the other two are they willing to sacrifice? Time is of the essence. Your organization decided to create this course because it meets a current need, perhaps an urgent one. How long will it take to produce the audio in-house? If your script is ready right now, there’s a good chance I can have finished files to you by this time tomorrow, all set to go, and edited to your specifications so all you have to do is plug them into your course and boom–done.

But let’s say time isn’t an issue. What about the quality of the user experience? Before I became an E-Learning narrator, I was an educator. I’ve worked with students from age 5 to 85, and spent years developing the kind of presence that keeps learners engaged with the material and wanting to hear and learn more. I’m there to help them master this new information–and enjoy the process.

There’s another saying: If you don’t take the time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? Let me help you get it right the first time. Your colleagues will hear the difference!

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