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When professional narrators need an informed perspective and trusted mentor, they book a 1:1 session with Andi. She and her fellow faculty at know what it takes to identify and work through the challenges narrators face, in art and in business.


Back in 2019, Andi jumped at the chance to co-write a romantic comedy with bestselling author Tara Sivec. Together, they created Heidi's Guide to Four Letter Words, an Audible Original that was named to Audible's 100 Essential Romance Listens. While Heidi was her first, it won't be her last. You can keep up with Andi's writing on her Substack.

Audiobook Narrator

When you press play on one of Andi's performances, you're in for a great ride. Behind that familiar voice is a master of storytelling who does her homework. Digging into characters, times, places. Researching word origins, pronunciations, nuances of meaning. Considering and intuiting the choices that suit each moment. 

You'll feel the anticipation of a breath, the weight and wit of the author's words, the struggles and triumphs of the characters, the impact of ideas. The ancient, eternal, infinite power of a story, conveyed by the human voice, straight to the heart.

Andi Arndt Audiobook Narrator and Author

About Andi

"I choose audiobooks by tried & true narrators, and Andi Arndt is at the top of that list."

- Erica, listener

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