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with Andi

"Andi is an ideal coach for audiobook narration; she is compassionate, experienced, and great at explaining the technical details of the work."

- Cameron Meyer

Strategic coaching tailored to your needs

Audiobook narrators are experts at research. We're constantly learning new things, improving our craft and our business skills too. Sometimes though, there's no path to the place we're trying to go...or so many to choose from, we get overwhelmed. 

Andi offers strategic coaching for audiobook narrators. When you book a 50-minute session, you'll be asked what your top two or three questions are regarding performance, business, or some of each. We review where you are, where you're trying to go, and identify areas of focus, such as:

  • Mindset: assumptions, fears, aspirations, self-sabotage, boundaries

  • Systems: time and money management, relationship and project management

  • Performance: habits, auditioning, text analysis, awareness of your unique style

  • Voice: for those enrolled in the Voice for Narrators course, 1:1 sessions are available to address areas of particular challenge.

Coaching sessions are open to working narrators and/or SAG-AFTRA /Equity / ACTRA members only.

with Andi

with Andi

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